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what is ribbon & robin?

ribbon & robin is a children's book adventure series following two best friends who do stuff together and hang out sometimes. they also have some really cool animal friends who like to spend time with them too.

ribbon the bird

this is ribbon. she is a bird. her best friend in the whole world is robin the skunk. her second best friend is nellie the jelly. her favourite things include: donuts, thin water, mac and cheese, and spending time with the girls. she only keeps a few close friends but is fiercely loyal to them. most of the time, she isn't really interested in things happening around her. she likes to daydream a lot. one day, she hopes to be a famous travel writer.

robin the skunk

this is robin. he is a skunk. his best friend in the entire universe is ribbon the bird. he likes brocollini, playing chess with grandpa ron, drinking coffee at dunkin donuts, and going on adventures with his best friend ribbon. he is a great friend to have because he is quick to forgive.robin the skunk

nellie the jellie

this is nellie. nellie is a jellyfish. nellie doesn't have a brain so she is always forgetting where she left things. one thing she will never forget though is how much she loves hanging out with her friends ribbon and robin.